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Try our new arcade game - Balltilt


Ballfall has now younger brother - Balltilt! Enjoy an even simpler yet not easier arcade game about balancing and bouncing two balls simultanuously. Each of these tasks hardly requires any effort, but the combination is suprisingly tough. Pick up the challange and find out how long can you last: Balltilt in Google Play.

Now you can download .apk file directly


Although we do not encourage it, you are able to download it directly from our site. This is intended for those of you who do not have a Google Play account.

Beta tests are all done! The new version 1.0 is here!


Version 1.0 is available at Google Play.

Changes include:

  • Reduced package size
  • Added "Play again" buttont
  • Improved random generator fairness
  • Improved graphics look
  • Fixed pause handling
  • Fixed multitouch in mode "Touch left/right"
  • Reduced CPU usage
  • Added ads

Version 0.9 - beta is now available!


We introduce beta version of our game Ballfall - now available for Android! You can download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.net.kotula.ballfall

Already downloaded? Give your feedback!

Some screenshots: