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About game


Ballfall classic is an arcade game about the ball falling down the brick tower. It can't reach the edge of the screen or hit spikes. The goal of the game is to achieve top score while going as far as possible. The graffiti tell you how deep you already are. You can collect more and more bonus points by catching stars.

The game features three steering modes:

The main objectives of Ballfall classic are:

Like it? Got some cool ideas? Or maybe the opposite? Don't hesitate and share your thoughts with us! Your feedback is really appreciated.


While developing Ballfall we wanted to have one code base that can be compiled and run on various operating systems. Therefore the game is written mostly in C/C++ using well known and portable libraries like OpenGL ES2 and STL. The platform dependant part (e.g. integration with Java on Android) is placed in a separate project, which will serve as a framework for the upcoming products.

At this moment we only support deploying the code on Android. For development and testing purposes we also have a Linux/X11 implementation. In the future we plan to expand the range of supported platforms - starting with iOS.

In the game (and on this site) we used free font "A Dripping Marker" made by Wick van den Belt.

What's next?

Right now we've got tons of ideas. However we haven't decided yet what features would the next Ballfall release include.